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i chopped off. in particular to find a way to stop and a squeeze play. the process the thus he can also see the blind and americans are over nsa surveillance president obama is reported promise is almost don't need the reforms go far enough also the nation next. and in the uk not visible from the sun in on who wants his father to the us drone attack going on in so we wanted the uk forced to reveal if the british government. i then got back from sight but the court says no. four from
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london is coming up. and the debate over whether or not the man and it was a mexican citizen should be executed anyone since the mexican government claims the command staff would violate international law. on that later in the shop a fan a january twenty first washington dc and the watching party of america the first time since president obama speech announcing major reforms to the national security agency milk also were americans stand on the issue of some really it's a sunny connected by the cute racer center of the respondents had not heard about the speech or any forms and all. forty one percent say they heard a little about it and only eight percent for the one about the nsa reports of those who had heard about this age seventy three percent say the reforms will not increase their privacy
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and seventy nine percent think the changes will not impact the u s counterterrorism at the arts so what of the country appears to still be divine in on the issue are confused about its implications even after the president's speech political commentators and zack's recently wrote an op ed on our t dot com. earlier about this study. at first asking if the proposed reforms or so new that they didn't register on people's radar or if people simply don't care. it is a little bit of both hindus and actually is the summer of a wanted topic and i think the nsa has made it a one two cup or two it's not just about patient a government spy on everybody which is what's really going on we hear things like section to pick a goal committed added a whopping eight collection people's eyes glaze over and that's what was up to the present speakers focused on reese's been a point of pricey panel to the top secret lies in court. people are like what's the prize a quarter. we hear about changes to national security letters to her. these are all
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topics that are are slightly wonky that people don't currently have a quota grasp on at the nsa the way they've played with lane which are more collection means over tension means what were you means the sort of turn the words upside down which is muddied the debate even further. so yes it i think a lot of people that were paying attention to it and those who are paying attention to a fully understand what's going on in class mainstream media this is an executive ever topic if you're of a government shutdown. nobody knew what was going on there you have a countdown clock at all the issues being brought up at casa coverage. with this the end of the mentioned it only focuses on this one of the big story like presence so let's take a look at another part of that very same camp all. when asked whether they approve of the government and as a collecting and that i found the net again on telephones and the next fifty three percent disapprove and forty percent approve. not a person of the number of people who disapprove has actually been higher than the ones who approve what do you attribute that to what they did shows that the nsa and its defenders in congress
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the researcher losing of this he loves being in the dark we love being this in secret these disclosures are forced into how his pr push to go in sixteen minutes to explain these programs and more and more they've done that you've seen all the control of these programs to try to defend go upside down and now we have global majority of americans disapproving of these programs. it also speaks to what edwards snowed in what the journalist he's been working with and what organizations like the aclu in it that the media that have been doing since these disclosures to try and get the american people. outraged by what the government is doing is to there being more active and more that people learn about these topics the more the distrust of helen the mission that was addressed during this very same hall was what to do with adwords known in what he is a whistleblower a hero or a trainer. now the issue was kind of split fifty fifty forty five percent said they believe that he helps the interest but those leaks forty three percent say that the heart of interest. what
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the majority of people say that he showed me out prosecuted under us law. so what should remit of this man and of this at all that americans want to know more about the nsa want to know more about what collecting but also disapprove of the person that brought this information i want to be the question is prosecuted for one ride. edwards said admits that he committed a crime but greenwald was asked about it last week and he admits that were turning up broke the law on abortion in charge wish him in charge of stealing government property maybe should be charged with espionage. no actually i think the majority of those people polled who say that edwards surgeon or prosecuted would go in say you should be charged with espionage. but there's the history of civil disobedience your people are willing to break the law pay the consequences of that. it kind of makes more powerful that they're doing but operating in this new post chelsea many world in which when you try and engage in simple that is disobedience and spill some secrets that expose wrongdoing by the government. you were to have your life ruin your doctor to go to jail in
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the way the martin luther king went to jail or in the way that other people who committed civil disobedience with the children can go back in there like they're born to rule your life and charged with espionage and taken down you have to change the calculation. i wanna bring offences in a recent op ed that you bro for auntie dot com to use the president obama is re forms are poked a trojan horse when it can mean by that. thanks for the blog its i've learned that his look is this speech was billed as a major were forced to use them as the up and there were some reforms introduced but ultimately this speech was focused on section two fifteen. all the data collection. this was the first program revealed by the snorting document is also a program that's in danger he was almost de funded in july of last year and i was before seven months of no more of an essay disclosures his efforts in the senate under this program and one federal judge has ruled it likely unconstitutional for the present wanted to come out and save this program before it gets completely taken out in june first twenty fifteen it expires all together and are not going up enough votes in congress to
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attend the program today but there certainly are enough votes in congress next year to renew it either so the president of the leases look. the government where dr retain this information or even thinking about collecting the data still keep collecting information i compared him to cutting off his left and to save his right hand are coming off the left hand of protection to save the right hand glove other hand of collection and i think we'll see if this gives the courts and congress off his back and sam that was in a shameless plug it a miss and i encourage parents to go to our t dot com and check out your op ed in all can learn a little bit more about the nsa and the re formed especially for those fifty percent who don't know anything about it and all sense and political commentator. those were the most contentious supreme court rulings of our time four years ago today the nine justices voted five to four in favor of citizens united in its casing and the federal election commission. no decision paved the way for unlimited corporate spending and federal elections essentially saying that money is the form of political speech. someone has changed in the last four
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years since that historic supreme court decision. our team was all kinds of food looked back. for four years ago today the political gain in america change. that's when the supreme court struck down more than a century of campaign finance law and its citizens united decision the new paved the way for unlimited political spending this what we've learned in the last forty years first daily and is in the new malay yet. before citizens united outside election spending was always in the millions take a lot. in two thousand nissan more than fifty million dollars in outside standing by the next presidential election in two thousand ford that increase to nearly two hundred million in two thousand it was almost three hundred forty million dollars now cite spending and that citizens united happened in two thousand. well that was a game changer. and in the very next election year two thousand to twelve. that is a land we passed the billion mark so clearly you have to pay to play. the data also
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shows the disproportionate standing among political parties take a look at the numbers compiled by open secrets dot com. as you can see in two thousand fourteen thousand six and two thousand and liberal groups outs and conservative groups and national elections. but co citizens united states which is not enough conservative groups are spending huge amounts more on our elections liberal groups in two thousand twelve conservative group spends nearly seven hundred twenty million dollars. liberal groups on the other hand spends less than half of that. but as we knelt. president obama was reelected to a second term and much of the super packed funds were directed at attacking him. selling the investment from big donors and operations. we always pay off. so the political game. have yet to be perfect said that while it's up for debate how our money impacts selections for we know for sure is that astronomically more money is being poured into elections
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and we can only expect campaign spending to rise. in washington a small artsy pleas for justice of the pompous knowing and loving in the united kingdom or ignored by the court of appeals this week for two years nor pond has been pushing for an english courts to take up the case of his father's back. his father was killed by what is believed to be a c i a drone strike in north west contest on in two thousand and nine and now includes the us the uk how the alaskan got that straight but it seems as if his efforts have hit another snag rt is tess are silly and has the latest. the court of appeal in the uk since we walked in on unprecedented case related to the u s drone strike moment that it could not be heard because i'll be asking a uk court to pass judgment on the united states another one hundred cases nor khan whose father was a tribal elder from the site's northwestern tribal region and he was killed along with some forty others to the u s c i a drone strike in march two thousand eleven of
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the summons with his father was not connected to the terrorism or militant see any today posted a lever on the other hand the ci is reportedly still claims that it had caught it will kill that no one on calm but tense in that strike to the two years nor khan has been as seeking clarification on the policies and practices of the british government was trying to get a judicial review asking the courts to examine whether officials at the british intelligence agency tca peel in fact shared information about targets in pakistan in the cit a leather this in turn can make the british spies complicit in murder war crimes as the lord hears states. so here we are today with the court of appeals ruling essentially decided against a review. it's understood as not wanting to damage the u k's relations with the united states occassionally i also noted that the government of the former foreign secretary william hague who is responsible for cc hq has launched a interest immunity application in order to stock
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on screen for beancurd which the lawyer says i suggested that maybe things that moment he knows that he does not wish to disclose them lies the source really probably anger this lack of transparency one is a very controversial and increasingly unpopular practice but as it stands today the appeal he was lost and it seems we will be finding out this time if the uk was indeed helping the c i a. those are taste test on her solo recording in london. on the upcoming execution of the man conducting a stunning down to houston police officer has played the sort of diplomatic standoff between the us and mexico. that's because forty six hurled at her trial he is a mexican national. now next to the authorities and a former texas governor are akin to governor rick perry for a temporary state to hold off on his execution. in two thousand for the international court of justice said that the us had to review the execution sentence as a fifty one mexicans and a decision known
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as the ben johnson. as a man by mexican foreign affairs ministry and reads in part folks showed up and go to my ob executed with out the reveal of the criminal proceedings and a reconsideration of his sentence in accordance with the icj ruling yesterday the thirty nine the mexican included in the mn and judgments has been executed a clear violation by the united states of its international obligations under the piano mentioned. secretary of state john terry has also asked for a temporary reprieve from sufficient. in a statement he released back in september kerry said quote i have no reason to doubt the facts of the search for miles convection and as a former prosecutor i have no sense that they consider to be for anyone who would murder a police officer. must he warned that this man's execution could have impact on how americans and legal trouble are treated to not smile was found guilty of the nineteen ninety four death of officer guy got its
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outside a local nightclub the appeal hearing to consider the clemency happen today in u s district court for the western district of texas in austin miles execution is scheduled for tomorrow. discuss the details of this case and the international rapper conscience of an execution. i was chilling earlier by richard dieter executive director of the death penalty information center. these are not talking about today's appeal hearing. i don't think the judge and the ruling but no will be making it prior to the execution obviously this is a talent to the clemency process in texas which has been upheld in the past. i know you are against the death penalty. what this case goes beyond whether you are for or against capital punishment. it's not arguing over whether or not this man is in fact guilty of this crime was about to international diplomacy if you can you explain the love of words and tell for sure and i think the chief concern is that us citizens who
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travel abroad may get arrested article that may get arrested anwar consult with their us embassy very quickly and that treaty that protects that is is the same treaty that implicated in two miles case he mean a mexican citizen had the right to consult with his embassy. one is consulate when he was arrested and that right was given to him so all that's being asked for his hearing test. let's see when that have changed lanes and so far that hearing hasn't happened so do the family is more at stake and simply for or against the death penalty. so what exactly is the vienna convention and constellations what would a half tops. well for causes that some bilateral country both the countries to sign into mutually respected in the us back in the nineteen sixties sign and ratify this treaty so there's no question about our adoption of it. and we even said that the international court of justice shall be the arbiter of the street. pencil case
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was brought before their native us was found in violation and still are these kinds of hearings have been happens now. this legislation in congress to try to rectify this to try to get texas to do what the treaty requires but that legislation has been passed yet. the l a times article and use of mexico usually intervenes in capital punishment cases before the trial actually happens and that's miles takes one is that in what difference would have made and intervene before the trial know what i mean it is a series of events when the first mexican national faced execution this whole issue dawned on governments and on the mexico that then you what could they do to stop it and at the late eleventh hour it's very difficult to stop that train of execution. so of about ten years ago. mexico decided to just try to stop these before they go to trial avoid the death penalty. my o's case goes back twenty years ago. so you know those
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moments can program at that time. ahh went to mensa would've made well and add at a trial you want to present the person's family history in that family history is is over in mexico than that the people book culture that language that not all institutions if the warranty all of that. he is hard to get for the texas lawyer but for a mexican embassy to go right to it and that kind of evidence could've been presented to the jury can if only one door and sent life maya would not get the death penalty kill. something as simple as miranda rights where there is just sad statement that they read the paper care and that sense that's exactly right it into one more aligned to the miranda rights in the us state department has issued cards two police officers around the country with though that language in various sub languages so that you could read it to a citizen who are in a foreign citizen who doesn't understand him. but few police have used those two
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courts have that demanded that they be used in miranda rights is protected under the us constitution lists doesn't have that full full weight. two thousand and eight president bush had appealed against the execution of another mexican national who was the fact that part of that world court ruling asking them to reconsider this however in the texas solicitor general ted cruz convince the supreme court or the sea does not have to add here to world court ruling is why is next and what type of the president does that set for the future now know that it endangers the president i think he had to remember too that president bush was before that governor bush of texas so here's president bush ordering texas courts to review the sand them as you said be the issue was brought up to the supreme court what this move the court said was an inconvenience to the legislation saying how the treaty should be a used how it should be applied in texas and just because he was
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signed and ratified it doesn't mean the texas house to follow it. maybe they do wrestle all the land but only through congress is implementation and there's a bill sen leahy a vermont has introduced the end of the vienna convention compliant sack. to get this button told congress that texas feels they are protected and maintained a sense under the law they are so they're not saying we want all of this i bought that needs to be legislation smile as you mention this is the last half few hours before the scan scheduled execution there a number of others that are on trial so potentially not affect investment that may be in the future. richard either the exit executive director of the death penalty information center so much thank you. international negotiators let's turn to ride in geneva switzerland the base of the syrian peace discussions that zoning in on wednesday. some united nations and russia the us the syrian government in its opposition to take part in these talks. un secretary general on the moon and
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the extended a last minute invitation to all want to participate. mutations are sent after the syrian opposition threatened to pull out of negotiations altogether if iran did in fact attend art easy enough is enough. reports from switzerland the international peace conference on syria taking place here in this mold was found want on the shores of lake geneva is truly an international achievement it so much time into what happened but it's finally going to happen soon enough authorities and the rebels after years of fighting and on a sizeable while we are going to finally sit down and to boot. but that the us the government did confirm that it was reported across the line the opposition. my last twenty four hours mainly because the beer on a key regional player which was also supposed to take for
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moscow and washington which have been pretty much organizing this conference have been saying that if if that's why he did play around with the patient anyone with an influence on the situation in syria and iran is definitely one of the time it's true. remember how real position reacted to the un envoy to iran. they made an alternate to provoke the old couple with returning the tickets in six hours time all in all this is an ugly situation. it was to no fat and iran are taking part in the conference is not a catastrophe but it will definitely not help unite the muslim community in the fight against terror which is also going to be one of the key issues on the table here in montreal since besides the political opposition is widely known that terrorists including al qaeda linked groups are fighting the interior as well so as to the world to teach people to continue to gather here in montreal. what will be covering the full conference and will be bringing you the latest details as it happens. that was our teens in the kiss cuddle for and i'll see you pay now or anti government demonstrators have taken to
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the streets at nine after nights at her son's new lines are put into place that women rights of its citizens to protest. more than thirty people were arrested today according to the interior ministry and one hundred nineteen police officers have been injured in funding after new. the new law bans protesters from wearing masks or helmets at rallies. they were allowed to set up tents or sound equipment without police permission and convoys of five cars are more traveling together must seek prior approval. protesters say that these lines in french on their rights. rt is now like saying your chest he is in ukraine and brings us this report. as it may have become damaged under the noise that the government according to it but it's still far from settled a few media thus separating the police lines on line photo does rises and still does sometimes extending front of cars at the job that over the night we saw an attempt by the police do a push to broadcast the salt this particular place he had
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failed the tenth of what were the protests started charging with a midas touch icing of the police. the presenter with joy and ever since then it's been like that the standoff continually hear it looks like yet another barricade with what remained of the police cars which were badly on sunday night. with the separate the delight of the writers and all the places from time to time the protesters and police i stand in front of tiles these girl walks over yet still be used to be known at the police during a night also saw something great to make it to kyoto for ukraine in cases of vigilant isn't one of the protest was organized something of a safari hunting on what they describe as pro government for buffet says they caught several of them took them to the revolution the headquarters organize the city trial then took them out into the independence square and urged him to apologize for their actions more than several hundred people are still injured in hospitals including one hundred policemen which is something unprecedented money
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for grain from eighty other countries in the world and newport on the street here is that. the authorities may actually consider implementing an emergency state in the country on thursday if things continue the way they do of course at the following all the developments in people and bring you the latest updates as we get them. now's our chance of like saying you're just leave a parang milan money not be neatly packaged with a neighboring china stamp seal on the bottom of its peers as the safari he says that sporting yet another prior to the american consumer has although this one is much more nefarious than ups. any study published this week by the proceedings of the national academy of sciences journal says that screening is at sporting pollution to california contributing to extra stock in the los angeles area. now according to the study that uses statistics from two thousand and six one fifth or twenty percent of china's total pollution is caused by producing goods for export to
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american concerns. when the factory pollution across the pacific in the six day is resulting in an increase of twelve to twenty four percent of daily is sulfate concentrations. one the us and europe and japan that by not having a lower their carbon emissions significantly in recent years that it means scientists argue that they have to look at some ice and shifted to china which is why air pollutant levels stayed consistent between two thousand and ten thousandnine being that they are very quiet. or and researchers but its outsourcing production to china does always bring the consumer is in united states or for that matter are many countries in the northern hemisphere from the environmental impacts of air pollution. sowell consumers around the world enjoy the benefits of cheap technology. environmental blowback. falling in south carolina robber was attacked by at least on during his getaway in order to break
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free from the k nineteen nineties he shot the dog and found himself facing jail time. the thing takes a look at what would happen if the cops shot a dog and found that instead of the dropper movie. i knew. i mean making armed robbery when the police that he had believed on the fire out with aunt margo she's down the canal by amanda lang. and not freak out. and she'll easily to get fried. all told he fired seven shots. fargo
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died later that night from a gunshot wound. and now with the man was sentenced to thirty five years in prison for killing dogs he fired a round twenty. but no one will be hurt except for the job. i want to express much of north korea. they needed to reach out to be done with heidi and it scared the crap out of them. we fired the third with no intention of killing the dogs. he feels horrible about it. i'm a huge dog lover i dined on more than most people but added that the offending the thirty five years for killing dogs except in the chilly when you consider how often to me and found shoot and killed on very different. i couldn't believe he just shot of god and scrappy doo and the region. when they approached a home on the report of a domestic
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disturbance. i just shot and killed when the door again the end first they shot the dogs. he was demanding that the top of the day. i know chad and i believe the while delivering a walk to the bronx. i'm near the police in south carolina went to a house over noise complaint and shot a dog named rocky. you can leave it till golden retriever. if you hang there and back again as perfect in the existing burglary. i could go on. we always do dogs have been the case. i just mentioned two dollars and fifty and the dogs didn't charge or by anyone at all. any of those great people. meantime our team and will be missed at all. no band. and this black man getting thirty nine years over killing a police job
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read this white collar criminals go free. sigh are now black people in jail for speeding in the wrong direction. i'm trying to race the year. how he liked it that could happen here in america. clearly our justice system had gone to god. i talk about that by filing and played at the rented it. iran does it for now. the stories we covered during its dotcom slash rt america. i check the website. our team at tom's watch usa and don't think the following on twitter. meg and chris lopez but for now. read it. new name. i peered years and the longest ongoing series of seventeen ninety two election and eight. you will will will
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will . and welcome to the slides when states anyway twenty seconds. i'm capping comanche and telltale protesters in thailand are facing and new talents to the campaign to force prime is taking action and lots to resign. evidently it is an imposing a sixty day state of emergency in bangkok and surrounding areas starting wednesday. the decree would protect people from holding demonstrations. the anti govert


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